Tuesday 22 July 2014

Has The World Gone Mad?

Right so there I am listening the Daddy prattle on about all this trouble going on in different places when I glanced out of the window to see Mogsie, Sarah and the Darker Naughty Twin sitting over the other side of the road, in the sun, with not a care in the world.

Something just switched in me and up I got and over I marched right up to them both and asked them what they thought they were doing?

They just both looked back at me with blank faces like I was talking gobbledygook.

I lost it.

Emma's in a trance, George has been possessed, you and your brother are changing gender quicker than I can keep up, Tiger appears to have never existed, Chameleon has moved in and suddenly become best buddies with everyone and I pointed at Sarah, and as for you tut, the Queen of Catkind has returned and brought with her a curse that none of you seem the slightest bit bothered about and there's been a plague of Frogs camped out in my back garden . Comprende?
Mogsie just burst out laughing;

Chill Lil'

CHILL LIL'! What? Has the world gone mad?