Wednesday, 9 July 2014

We Have To Find Another Way!

He's The First, Troy Lamore is the First!

Everyone had come back together and not knowing a better way to tell them or show them that they must believe in Troy Lamore I thought it best just to come out and tell them.

Gasps all around, I can tell you. I thought the darker Naughty Twin was going to faint as he wobbled a little. His sister steadied him but all eyes were on me.

I've met Troy 4 times, the last time was when I went to the other side, he was there waiting for me and he showed me wonderful, marvellous things. Oh my friends, the other side is not what you imagine it to be, but maybe that's just my experience of it, but the thing is Troy helped me to make a choice to come back and it was my choice even though it seems he's been here all along nudging us and helping us. Maybe he always knew I would or maybe he just did the best that he could to get me into the place I needed to be to make that choice and then he let fate play it's hand, I don't know but what I do know is The First needs our help and so does The First's one true love The Queen of Catkind!

I looked around to see if anyone else was going to speak but no it looked like I had the floor all by myself, although I could see the penny had dropped.

The Queen as we all know was lost a long, long time ago and so I thought was The First but he wasn't or if he was he managed to find a way back and he's been searching for her. That must be why he's always been such a traveller.

Doublay spoke;

You will!

I was in mid flow and didn't really listen to what he said;

The thing is he keeps on saying we need to make a choice but I don't know what or why or when. Sorry Doublay what did you say?

I said you will, he told me you will.

He turned to face everyone;

We all will, we are all a part of this.

The lighter Naughty Twin spoke;

Our Queen, she needs our help, count me in! I know I've not been visited by Troy, but she's my Queen too and I want to help.

Help, yes help we must all help, I replied.

We know where she is, don't we Lil'! George finally spoke.

Mogsie looked at me.

Yes, she's trapped in The Lane of Bells, we didn't know at the time but as we were leaving we heard a voice call out for our help and it was only when I heard LUM speak that I recognised the same voice.

What are we waiting for then? The lighter Naughty Twin got up as if ready to leave.

We can't go there to get her, George was warned by Troy not to, that is not the way.

Oh come on of course it is, the lighter Naughty Twin implored.

She's our Queen and you know where she is and yet you won't go and get her.

The Lane of Bells is a very dangerous place, going there should never be taken lightly but we've been told specifically no matter how hard people try and get us to change our minds, that that is not the way.

George is right, I stood up.

We have to find another way and we must be careful.

I nodded over the road where Chameleon had hidden himself under R's car.

Ear's are listening!