Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Pair Are Locked Up

Oh seeing Tiny behind the gate reminded me, news of two incarcerations.

Daddy popped across to see M last night and came back with two separate tales.

The first involved Emma. Apparently she got into M & R's house the other night, which was OK but when it came time to leave she couldn't be found and so eventually after a big search everyone went to bed. However it turned out that she had decided to hide around the corner and so when they came down in the morning there she was all cosy inside.

That explains why she was up and about so early the other morning. Thank goodness I learnt my lesson last time about jumping to the wrong conclusion or it would have been me doing the walk of shame.

The second tale of being locked up involves one of the Naughty Twins, of course.

Well apparently he  decided to pop in the back door of the house next door to M & R's, just like he tried to do here a couple of weeks ago.Well the nice lady in there thought that he must be homeless so she gave him some supper and a big stroke and went to bed. In the middle of the night she was a little worried about him and came downstairs but couldn't find him but couldn't understand how he got out. In the morning when she got up and opened the door he shot out from under the sofa and right out the backdoor running all the way home. Yeah that one backfired didn't it.