Thursday, 13 September 2012

I Hope George Is Alright

Hey dad, Oi put the blind up will you I can't see anything with them down.

That's better, finally daddies come down for a break and put the blinds up. What a lovely surprise, George is out and about. It's so nice to see him.

Thinking about it I haven't seen George around much for weeks. He always used to be popping by, even if it wasn't by invite. In fact, along with Emma, he was the first one to welcome me when I moved here but I think I can only remember seeing him around less that half a dozen times this past few months.

I do hope he's OK he looks in fine fettle, shiny coat and nice physique but he's walking so slow across the road over to M to get a stroke.

I will definitely be keeping an watch on him. I think I will also leave him some dreamies to see if that cheers him up, he seems a little down or maybe he's just slowing down. I must find out how old he is.