Saturday, 29 September 2012

Three !

Oh this just goes from bad to worse.

I am so glad that I can understand what the daddies are saying. Even though they talk to me like I can they don't really believe I do and therefore thankfully they talk candidly in front of me.

The daddies are chatting about their visit to see the homeless half way house cats yesterday and seem to be having a bit of a light-hearted disagreement. I'm not taking what they say lightly though.

Three! They are talking about three new cats joining us. By the way they are talking I'm half expecting to come downstairs one day and find they've just appeared like magic out of nowhere. I must keep on my toes.

From what I can work out the disagreement revolves around the the names of each one and the order in which they are to be joining us.

Stay daddy The first one you've always known

Disappears daddy just smiled. I know what he's like he's on a wind up and mumbled something as he carried on looking at something on his computer. Stay then said another name and Disappears mumbled something different although I didn't catch what it was.

Stay daddy I told you the name of the second, falling for Disappears wind up. I know that they had previously agreed this but thought it was all just talk before.

Disappears daddy just grinned still not looking up and said and now you've just discovered the third

Oh what am I going to do?  I'm of to The Wiseman quick smart. This requires rapid action.