Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Squirrel Leaves A Message

When both the daddies went out. I decided to go outside to look for clues. The foxes certainly hadn't been messing around with anything in the garden, everything looked exactly as I'd left it last night. Just as I was going back inside something caught my eye in the corner of the Peace Garden.

I turned to see one of the Squirrels running down the chain that holds the Swinging Heart of Love. I stood frozen to the spot, I didn't want to scare him off. He was making contact for some reason and in a very obvious way.

He got to the bottom of the chain, paused for a moment, turned and ran back up again. As he passed by the Wiseman I saw that he whispered something to him. He turned one more time to see that I had seen him and off he ran. It was like he wanted me to read his mind as if by magic.

I went over to The Wiseman to consult. I didn't need to wait there for a long time, I got the answer I needed very quickly, my catty powers must be on high tune today. The Squirrel had left a message.

He came in love. Squirrel World was in outrage. One of their own had been threatened by the foxes last night and they now wanted to work with us, they would be in touch soon.

Wow, this was progression indeed. One of the Naughty Twins was enjoying the morning sun out by the front window and I asked him to pass on the message.

An alliance was about to be formed.