Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Tale Of Two, A Quest Ahead

The Cumbaire position sat, I’ll tell you what you little cat
Yours sitting pretty on your mat, I don’t like that, o no not that
I shall give you a small hat, to hide your eyes and make you fat
Block your sight with piles of tat; I wonder if you’ll smell a rat?

The First he was a mentalist, I said before, not on this list
He had himself a cunning twist, one which the Cumbiare did miss
It was the time to take a risk, to have some fun and go off piste
To see straight through all of his mist and find out what was is in this diss

The little bear a calling came, a having fun with his small game
And if you join in I won’t blame as I was doing much the same
The test he brought The First to tame, was one that seemed to him so lame
The First stood up and called his name. The Owl appeared, now that’s a shame

The little bear you sent to me, I saw right through now don’t you see
Now if you tell me what will be, we’ll all be home in time for tea
The Cumbiare, instinctively, puffed out his chest and winked at me
The reason why I will not flee I want him down on bended knee

On bended knee? Sarcastically. The First responded rapidly
It is so deep inside of me, to rise strong up repeatedly
I will not stay and look at thee while such a temper boils in me
I’ll look at you less frequently in-fact I’ll make it fleetingly

Do not mistake the moves I make, a quests ahead, an open gate!
I see you’ve got things on your plate, now run along and don’t be late
The test before, the prize is great but I can see you hesitate
I shall not take up time now mate, as I can see you’re in a state

The quest you talk about so much, why should I be so keen to touch?
I’m happy in my golden hutch, as such don’t give a monkeys crutch
The prize you say you I will not clutch, a prize you say I’ll want so much
This quest it started in my hutch with clues you gave in double-dutch

A time of magic does approach; just listen to your inner coach
The tasks ahead are now a-broach. The First went near, will you encroach?
The challenge down a paths been laid, the magic’s here a calling bade
Into the distance fate shall fade. The First his route now to be made!