Sunday, 2 September 2012

Twizzle Reports Some Very Disturbing News

I've just received a very important communication from Twizzle regarding Foxy Lectar's recent activities. She's also informed me of some rather disturbing news. Foxy was also bugging them last week and it seems he has enlisted the help of a sidekick. 

As time goes on he becomes more and more devilish, a mind tormented and twisted beyond all normal reason. Great to know that Mogsie has stepped up to the plate as always, I shall have to think of a special reward for him.

Hi Lil

Some important news to tell you, which you may wish to consult the Wiseman about.

Foxy Lectar turned up again last week, but he had back-up with him! They were walking along in single file so that they looked like one long fox and it was rather confusing. So keep an eye out for them!

Now, last night Foxy turned up alone. I was sitting looking out of my window and my Dad was out by our car. Mogsie has just chased Emma down M & A’s drive and was sitting on the pavement on your side of the road.

Foxy decided to come up my drive to see if there was any food when my Dad coughed and Foxy shot down the drive, across the road and past Mogsie. As Foxy walked across M & A’s lawn Mogsie gave chase and it was hilarious to see Foxy running for his life up the road with Mogsie only feet behind him. 

Once Foxy was out of our vicinity Mogsie came back and came in to go to bed. Boy, can that cat move when he wants to! He was very tired after all that exertion and is still in bed! I haven’t bothered him today because he needs his rest, especially if he’s going out on guard again tonight! He’s our Protector of the Cat World!