Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Remember When The Crow Called Out

O dear it's all kicked off over the road this morning. I should have known something was shortly going to happen. The Gooses From The Lake again flew over back and forth three times earlier on and the Crow was also making a heck of a noise. I'm beginning to feel that when this occurs something big is about to happen. I must remember to pay special attention when the crow calls out again.

One of the Naughty Twins has been running around since I got up. Back and forth he's been going, playing in the road and running and hiding under cars when the rain was coming down particularly heavily. To be honest he wasn't bothering anyone and seemed to be enjoying himself.

He stopped to have himself a little bit of early morning breakfast courtesy of M when all of a sudden George ran over the road like he had a rocket up his bum.

I've no idea what the Naughty Twin must have done but George was not happy at all, you could tell he looked furious.

Then they started to square up to each other paw to paw. I didn't know what to do and just looked on in horror. Then all of a sudden Mogsie magically appeared from nowhere. I did laugh one second he wasn't there, I turned around to see if Stay daddy could see what was going on, turned back and there he was. He surely moves with stealth.

Up to George he went and the Naughty Twin ran off and hid under R's car. Although they didn't fight you could tell he wasn't happy with him. They've had a bit of a checkered past those two, George being one of the only cats around here that stands up to Mogsie. They had a little chat and then Mogsie went and joined the Naughty Twin under the car, protecting him.

George hung around for a few minutes and then went around the back of Tiny's house. Peace reigns again in catworld. I am curious though as to what all that was about. If I find out I will surely let you know.