Friday, 14 September 2012

An Unbelievable Thirst

OMG sometimes trying to get a message across to one of the daddies is so hard.

Last night just before we all went to bed daddy checked that I had crunchies and water to see me through the night. However I guess he must have been very tired as when he put the water down most of it spilled out onto the floor and he didn't notice.

I wasn't too thirsty so didn't worry about it too much. However boy it was hot last night and when daddy got up to go to the toilet I thought it was a good idea to have a little drink. Down I came but there was hardly enough left to wet a tissue. O well generally not too much of a problem I can have a look around the taps to see if there's anything dripping that I can have and went back to join daddy in the bathroom but no little drips anywhere.

I cried out to him but he was in a bit of a sleep daze, it's hard enough for him to walk straight when he's that tired, often he ends up walking into the side of a wall so trying to get that message across I knew was a lost cause. So decided to bed back down and hope that I'd fall asleep again real quick.

Up at 5 I was, really dry. After failing to get a daddy awake although I did try by walking all over them, I went outside to the water catching thing, that's usually got a load of water in it. Daddy had used almost all of it up watering the garden and all that was left was some dirty mess and as thirsty as I was there's depths I will not stoop.

I was really really dry now and the only option was to wait until they got up. When they woke up cry and cry and cry I did but they just didn't seem to be getting either the hint or a move on. Worse comes to worse I could always drink what was left of the bathwater when they got out. Oh no today Stay daddy decides as soon as he gets out to spray some foamy stuff in there. Marvellous.

I ended up making such a racket as he was getting dressed that he could tell something was up. Doh he thought I just wanted a big stroke. Now that's lovely but when you are so dry you can hardly swallow a stroke, well that's second on the list.

Finally as they were leaving I managed to get their attention by standing in front of the door and crying my heart out and giving them my best big eyes look. At last the penny dropped daddy looked at my bowls and saw there was still plenty of food and finally noticed no water.

When they left I drank the bowl dry.