Saturday, 22 September 2012


I was just sitting looking out the window when I spotted the darker Naughty Twin creeping out of E's garage, looking rather embarrassed.

So many questions;

What was he doing in there?
What he was looking at/for?
Why was he looking so sheepish?

Then I got my answer, he'd been busted by Mogsie who was strolling right across the road, with a face that did not say impressed.

The Naughty Twin ran past Mogsie who just glanced in his direction and then carried on home. Not just a protector of us cats then, he also looks out to make sure the more wild amongst us keep on the right track.

I was screaming out, notice me, but he didn't even looked in my direction. I guess he just didn't know I was watching him or I'm sure he would have acknowledged me.