Friday, 7 September 2012

A Mothball Solution

It's amazing what a good sleep can do, I've just woken up with the solution to where I can get mothballs from, Nanny.

Now Nanny always used to use them and I remembered that the daddies have boxed up some of her stuff in places, specifically a cupboard upstairs in the daddies office. Now if I can just get into that cupboard I'm sure that there must be a whole stack of them in there. Ahh bless nanny, even though I've not seen her for a very long time she is still helping us from wherever she is.

So on my mental list I now have two things crossed of. The mothballs and getting the word out to catworld about the clean up.

I now just need to get in contact with the Squirrels and the Wood Pigeons, get them to clean up their areas of tempting food tipbits, lay the mothballs at the perimeter of the land, somehow persuade the daddies to leave a trail of food out of catworld and we could have an end to our Foxy problem.