Monday, 24 September 2012

A Great Big Dog & The Postman

Well catworld may be devoid of cats today but that hasn't stopped the drama.

About half an hour ago a van turned up over the road and some man in a bright yellow coat got out and started putting poles into the ground. I've no idea what he is up to but with all the digging that's been going on in the road this past couple of weeks I deduced it's something to do with that.

So far so good.

However the man in the yellow jacket then opens up the back of his van and a great big dog jumps out and starts running around the road, no lead or anything.

Anyway there I am watching him run back and forth, behaving himself thus far. The postman then appeared and everything changed. Up the dog went barking and doing little tricks, on his back legs and jumping up at the postman. Poor man didn't know what to do and just stood there frozen to the spot. It was a bit of luck it's been raining as if he did wet himself in fright the rain would hide the patch, and if he did I don't blame him this dog has a loud bark and big teeth.

Something tells me us cats should stay indoors today.