Sunday, 2 September 2012

Double The Trouble?

After a little bit of thought I replied to Twizzle.

Hi Twizzle,

Thanks you so much for keeping me up to date with his fiendish movements. I have only recently noticed that he’s dug up my garden again last night. I’m just so confused as to what his plan is. It is indeed disturbing that he has now enlisted the help of an assistant, double the trouble no doubt, but great that you are keeping your eyes peeled, I remain as always on alert. Please thank Mogsie for me, although I shall in person when I see him next, for continuing to look out for us all.

Oh just a little update on the Doberman situation. I saw him last week and it seemed that he was very firmly leaded so I’m trusting that his naughty ways are now under control and we can all breath a little more safely.