Saturday, 22 September 2012

A New Game

Well daddy and I have come up with a new game.

Both of the daddies are sitting on the sofa's chatting and I'm sitting next to Stay daddy. Although I've been getting a little bit of attention, he's mainly concentration on his conversation with Disappears.

The attention he has been giving me as I sit upright next to him is to rub my foot and leg. Although this is nice, my favourite place is the top of my head, that's where I want to be stroked but he's determined to keep on stroking my foot alone.

Solution, I let him carry on doing that but every now and then I bow my head. My foot and leg gets a stroke and my head as well all at the same time.

He has however cottoned on to this and every time I do it he stops although he's been keeping his hand there. I raise my head and he continues.

He thinks he's being funny as he's told Disappears to watch what happens. No mind I'm cleverer than both of them and will play along as let's face it either way I'm getting stroked and it's not unpleasant to have a little leg rub thrown into the bargain.