Monday, 10 September 2012

A New Convert

Hurray. I always love it when we've a new convert.

After getting of the phone to Disappears daddy and then doing a whirlwind through the house and chucking, literally, some food on a plate, Stay daddy sat down to give me a little cuddle.

It was during this us time that he gave me the great news. One of his friends, WHS, told him today that at some point they are going to adopt a little cat. Now this is always the most fabulous news to any of us cats ears. Especially when it's someone who's not had the luxury of us taking care of them before.

O the joy, the heart sings out, it's music to my ears
Happiness is all around, no more catty tears
The lady with the smile of gold her heart to us she takes
A bosom friend we'll be to her a stunning choice she makes