Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Mental List

After this afternoons consultation with The Wiseman about the Foxy situation I sat down and mentally made a list of everything that I needed to accomplish.

1. To inform the rest of catworld of what is required and get their buy-in. I don't think this will be too difficult as none of us are happy with Foxy being here. I shall tap into our information network and get the word spreading that we need to all meet or at least representatives from each house need to get together.

2. To make contact with the Squirrels and persuade them to join us in cleaning up their areas.. Although tricky as we never really interact, the daddies unknowingly had provided me with a bit of a solution. Stay daddy always feeds them monkey nuts from a big bowl he keeps by the back door. He buys them specially for them. Although they don't drop by everyday they are semi regular visitors. So at least they are around. I shall have to work out a way to approach them without them running off.

3. To make contact with The Wood Pigeons and persuade them to help in the clean up. Now they are always around but they always fly away when whenever any of us approach. The Naughty Twins always chase them so I think I best leave them out of the running for the contacting them. Also they may have some information about where the foxes home is as they fly all around everywhere and I'm sure must have spotted them. The thing is they are always asleep at night so they can only help us during the daylight hours.

4. Now onto something that has got me in a real quandary. As you know I can speak English, letting the daddies know that I can say hello and I've also let them know that I can say no, much to their amusement. But how do I let them know that I need them to leave a trail of food out of catworld without giving the game away that I've got an excellent command of the English language? This answer I just don't have at the moment and requires more thought. Their part to play is an important one but I just don't think at this stage it's a good idea to let them know of my language skills.

5. Find out where I can get mothballs from.