Sunday, 16 September 2012

That Reminds Me, I'll Begin...

The tale of two the Cumbiare, the other one The First
An idea in the mind of one a building bubble burst
The Cumbiare he took a sip to quench his growing thirst
And spat a drop into the world, The First he was the first

A cat was borne a time began of when he ruled the earth
A time of peace and happiness and peels of loving mirth
The Cumbiare the one who caused the first of us to birth
He looked upon this joyous scene with not a smile of girth 

The First he was a mentalist, not on this one look on The List
A time foretold of magic bliss, another one you should not miss
To search it out then you must sift, you want a clue? It’s all a myth
So do you get it? There’s the gift. The First was strong and positive

The Cumbiare his plan to snare, The First he was not unaware
The birds sang out, are you aware a time to come of little bear?
There's more to come, with clues to spare. Will you look? Do you dare?
This tale begins in magic’s lair, a tale of two. I'll see you there?