Tuesday, 4 September 2012

He Had Eyes Of Solid Silver

When I got up this morning I had a quick look out of the front window to see how Sarah was doing and I can see that Emma has taken over second watch from Sarah last night. That's a good idea to take it in shifts, it can be tiring to do an 8 hour shift all on your own.

Everything seemed quiet and calm so I decided to venture outside to eat some grass in the early morning peace.

However just as I was chewing away I heard a call from Disappears Daddy to come in. There was an urgency in his voice and it startled me. As I looked I could see Foxy Lectar staring at me from the back wall.

I'm not sure, I might be imagining it in the drama of the moment but I'm sure I saw him lick his lips. What was going on? It's daylight and as far as I'm aware there's never been a daylight sighting, he's getting more brazen, this is a very disturbing turn of events.

I didn't know what to do but always find it best to be right by a daddies side when there's danger so I ran inside to hear daddy shouting to Stay Daddy to come look. 

Foxy turned and slinked off across the back walls, only to be followed 2 minutes later by his sidekick. 

OMG the horror, he's got eyes of silver! What sort of genetic modification has taken place to make his eyes turn solid silver? Stay Daddy said maybe he'd been experimented on by Davros but I've no idea what he's banging on about and who this Davros is but I'm scared and not a lot scares me. 

Silver Eyes followed Foxy but stopped as soon as he got onto one of the shed roofs and just turned and looked us three dead in the face with a look of contempt. I will spread the word today. Although I totally believe in peace and love, things are escalating, considering what happened a few days ago with the confrontation with Mogsie, that I think it's time we formed a war council to formulate a plan on how to deal with this increasing threat.