Friday, 21 September 2012

A Third Attempt Backfires


Daddy is working downstairs today so I can be near him and get on with my own business, double bonus. So as he chats away on the phone I'm here sitting in the window just having a little look outside, not much was going on apart from Tiny's daddy washing his car. 

Then all of a sudden from across the other side of the road I've just seen one of the Naughty Twins run like the wind from down the side of Tiny's house all the way across the road without looking. 

Just as I was wondering what on earth had got him so panicked I saw Tiny on a lead come around the side of his daddies car. Quite happy just minding his own business.

Fantastic he's been caught out again in that slipping around through to the back-door trick he seems to  be trying to perfect. When will he learn that's three times in the past couple of weeks that has either back fired or ended in failure.