Saturday, 8 September 2012

Intolerance & Penance

I'm afraid I've got a little confession to make. I've just really had a go at one of the Naughty Twins and given her an angry chase.

I was in the trees at the back of the Peace Garden and had finally managed to persuade one of the Wood Pigeons to listen to me about what The Wiseman had told me about cleaning up the lands around here, when up from behind the lighter Naughty Twin came and surprised me.

I guess I can now understand why Mogsie acted the way he did the other night when I did the same thing to him in the dark.

Anyway apart from the shock I got really annoyed. It had take me over half an hour to get one of the wood pigeons to not fly off as soon as I approached and my tolerance snapped. I screamed at him and chased him across our back fence, he looked scared.

Almost as soon as I had done this I felt bad. It wasn't his fault, he may have been trying to give me a message or just pleased to see me. I will apologise in person later.

I decided it was time to get some more love back into my heart and went to the Swinging Heart of Love to get a top up.

On a separate note I've had a brainwave. The wood pigeons may be able to pass the message on to one of the squirrels. I think they are too afraid to let me approach as I've gotton nowhere with them the past couple of days. I've seen the wood pigeons and the squirrels in the same place at the same time feeding and they all live in the same tree's but at different levels they must co-habit peacefully.