Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sarah Knows

Well at least George and Emma haven't failed to get the message across to Sarah about the correct way to cross the road.
I've just watched her cross the road perfect to the letter.

She found a safe place to cross and stopped. She looked left, she looked right, she looked left again. No traffic was coming and across she went, nice and straight, nice and quick, looking each way as she crossed.

Passing her in the other direction was the lighter Naughty Twin. He walked straight out on his own merry little way, no stop, no pause, no look left, no look right, no look anywhere but forward towards one of the black birds who was just having a little peck at a worm.

As much as I love him I blame Mogsie. The Naughty Twins obviously look up to him and he seems to have started this trend for traffic stopping for him and I think they are just trying to emulate him.

Either the Naughty Twin is going to end up in hospital or I am with some sort of nervous anxiety disorder through all this worrying.