Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Why Us Cats Have Nine Lives - The Myths

There's been many theories put forward as to the reason us cats have nine lives.

Some of them have a modicum of truth in them, many are just stories. The real truth to humans is lost in time and folklore and only us cats really know. It's a secret that's passed down to us by our mentors as little kittens when we are starting to walk. It's a secret I'm planning to share with you very soon.

Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable passes of the myth's reason as us being more tenacious than many animals and whilst this is true it's not the reason.Yes it's true that we have alert senses and often survive situations that others might not. You ever fallen off a roof and just brushed yourself off? Thought not, but many a cat has, however please don't test out the theory it's not a pleasant experience and woe betide you bringing down the wroth of catworld upon you, you have been warned! 

Some people have linked the number nine to us cats because the number nine is said to be mystical, like us, and in places such as China it's considered a very lucky number as is having a cat. Well there's clue for you. Us cats are very lucky, so I guess that much is true, however it's not the reason.
The myth was perpetrated by the Egyptians where we were worshipped as gods even the Sun God Atum-Ra took the form of a cat when he visited the underworld. This was one of our golden era's. Thankfully we're in one again now after the horror of the middle ages when suspicion and rumour linked us to witches. 

Most of these so-called witches were simple, loving people who put out good thoughts to the universe and conversed with nature. While it was true that we used to hang around with them, why wouldn't we? We held many beliefs in common such as love and healing and friendship and they treated us as their companions so we used to share our catty powers with them. One of the most horrific ways that the witch finders used to deal with us was to throw us from high places but due to our amazing athletic abilities and contortions we often were able to just walk away. This again gave rise to the myth that we actually had many lives. Even Shakespeare wrote about us having nine lives in Romeo and Juliet, the rumours had spread everywhere.

But no, none of these are the real reason why we have nine lives, the true story's tale is even more mystical than any of those theories.

I'll share it soon, I promise.