Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mixed Message

Sometimes trying to get a daddy to understand me is like pulling teeth.

Stay daddy was working in his office all morning, fair enough he needs to get to it and I did get to hang out with him.

However this afternoon it's been all woods and nails and smelly varnish stuff in the garden no time or room, it seems, for me.

Patiently I waited until he was all finished but I don't think it's too much to ask that he gives me his undivided attention now that he's finished.

Down he sits, up I jump. Nothing. Meow I do, sit he does. Ok this is now getting beyond a joke. Cry I do, notice of me he finally takes but gets it wrong.

What is it ? he says. Stroke I meow, You want something to eat? he says, Stroke I meow over and over again. Ok let me go and see if you've got some crunchies in your bowl. No I want a stroke, you've been ignoring me all day.

Finally the penny dropped after he sees the bowl is full. Worth waiting for, but next time please not so long.