Monday, 17 September 2012

Freezing Out A Stranger

I don't wish to start up the old and pretty contentious debate over who guards houses better cats or dogs. However I've got to say when it comes to strangers on your land nothing guards better than a cat. Especially not this lot. Not from what I've just witnessed.
I almost felt sorry for the poor man in the bright yellow jacket who I've noticed the past few minutes going door to door with some sort of board on his arm. Although he seems to be leaving each one pretty sharpish once the door opens.

Anyway he just went up to do the same to Twizzle and Mogsies house. Well Sarah who has been resting on Tiny's lawn raised straight up as soon as she saw him.

Mogsie and one of the Naughty Twins seemed to come from nowhere and Mogsie started to walk down towards him to meet him before he got to the door. Cat to man, face to face.

Sarah was now standing up ready to jump and then as the man approached the door the other Naughty Twin popped up. The man in the yellow jacket was now surrounded on all side by 4 cats, all giving him evils, freezing him out.. 

He did look nervous and didn't even wait for the door to open before walking of. He got the message alright. 

There must have been something about him they all didn't like, they worked in silent unison. I must remember never to take all 4 of them on at once.