Friday, 28 September 2012

A Third Becomes A Half, Two Scare's & An Investigation

Disappears daddy is at home today which in very unusual for a Friday.

Stay daddy got up early and locked himself into his office and so I took the opportunity to have a lay in with Disappears. It's not often that we have that chance and it's always great, my third of the bed becomes a half. OMG it was nearly midday when we woke up, the mornings gone.

Just having a little look out the window as I wake myself up. Not only has the Naughty Twin run across the road twice and nearly been knocked over by a car each time in the space of 10 minutes but they are trying to insert a yellow snake into the hole over the other side of the road. Mogsie has just gone to investigate.

It's all very perplexing I hope he finds out what it going on. I shall also be informing George or Emma, whoever I see first, that he needs to have an even closer eye kept on him until he learns the rules of the road. We cannot have a cat tragedy here.