Monday, 24 September 2012

Why The Sparrow Sisters Were So Upset

Well the rain finally stopped, out comes the sun, out comes Emma.

She'd been sheltering herself under R's car and as soon as she got the chance over the road she came and up AM's pathway.

I'm always a little cautious whenever she creeps up the side and decided to go and have a look at where she was heading. By the time I got to the back she's stopped still and was looking intently on our pathway.

I peered out the window to where she looked and saw it, a poor little sparrow was just lying there not moving.

Now some of us cats like to chase birds, some like to eat birds, some like to bring them indoors as presents. I just like to watch them.

I made such a fuss calling out to daddy that he came out to see what I was crying about and saw it. He went outside and wrapped it up and then took it up to the Peace Garden and buried it. I don't know what happened but I can now see what was upsetting the Sparrow Sisters so much. Sleep well little Sparrow.