Friday, 14 September 2012

Confident Swagger

There's been a right hullabaloo here just now.

Stay daddy was on the phone, that he walks with, and left me to have a little rest in his office. I guess he's done for the week as he's actually been tidying up in there with the brush along the floor thing, something he doesn't do that often.

Anyway there I was having a little rest in the sun when all of a sudden I could here this massive amount of cat screaming. I ran downstairs to see daddy looking out the back window,searching for clues, but I couldn't see anything. The noise wasn't coming from there. I deduced it was fron next door, my cat ears are better than a humans as daddy was still looking out the window into the back garden.

Then all of a sudden it went eerily silent and out of the corner of my eye I saw Mogsie walking slowly and silently with a confident swagger from behind AM's garage. He glanced in my direction before carrying on home. I wonder who it is he's been fighting with?