Monday, 10 September 2012

The Same Trick Twice

I can hardly belief it, Mogsie has been outwitted by the blackbird again.

He was sitting on his lawn, quietly minding his own business when the blackbird came flying down low over his head and parked himself on the lawn with his back to Mogsie.

On he carried on with his little rest when the bird flew right over him a again. This time he looked a little less impressed but still carried on although I could see he was stretching his legs out.

The bird flew right in front of him a third time. This teasing was obviously a step too far and up Mogsie pounced, aiming himself at mr blackbird, who gently flew up and perching himself in a tree just out of Mogsie's reach. He didn't look too happy. This blackbird seems to be making a habit of this, I can't believe Mogsie fell for the same trick twice.