Saturday, 8 September 2012

Extremely Good Manners

I've learnt something new and very interesting about one of the Naughty Twins from Stay daddy this morning that just goes to show appearances can be deceptive.

We're just sitting down having an early morning cuddle and he was catching me up with where he went last night, all very nice, of to see The Girls with Disappears daddy.

There he was telling me everything that they'd been talking about when he suddenly stopped "Oh I know what I forget to tell you".

Yesterday when he was on his way out to get into the car he said that he saw the lighter Naughty Twin squatting over our overflow drain. As soon as he saw daddy approach he ran off onto AM's pathway. He said that he called to him saying that it was alright he didn't need to run off but then noticed that he was squatting over AM's drain. He said it was then that he noticed that he was weeing.

Now I know us cats are clean but that's super conscientious. I'm very impressed. Daddy said that he was going to tell The Girl later when he saw her as she's brought a toilet seat for her cats that you put over a human toilet and is going to try to train them to go to the toilet in there. Informing her of the Naughty Twin should provide great inspiration for her, maybe she could learn a trick or two.