Sunday, 23 September 2012

He Called Out Loud

A hole appeared under his feet, he peered right in beneath the peat
If I jump in who will I meet? This pull is strong and oh so sweet
I'll gather up some food to eat and wrap it in this old bedsheet
A task ahead for me to beat, a Land of Magic, full of sleet

So down he went into the vent, down he tumbled, down he went
The tunnel turned, the tunnel bent, he hit the side but not a dent
Upon the tunnel wall he leant. What can this mean? Oh what was meant?
Into his nose a pungent scent. Where was he at? Where’d he been sent?

Then all at once he hit the ground, he bounced along and spun around
The site around him did astound, a fence around a grassy mound
Stuck inside this large compound, he called out loud but not a sound
His name upon a note he found, What does this mean is it profound?

The snow fell down, The First got wet, he wiped his brow from beads of sweat
Inside he found an old cassette, a challenge laid that will be met
My tasks ahead they do not not fret, I’ll score my goal, back of the net
The words he saw seems like a bet, a question asked – Do you get it yet?