Thursday, 6 September 2012

Never Rest On Your Laurels

I've learnt a valuable lesson this morning, you should never rest on your laurels. 

No one was on watch last night and those two foxes have caused chaos in the back garden again. Holes dug, squishy messes left everywhere. Total contempt it appears. No idea what they may have done to the other side of the road, I'll check in with Mogsie and Twizzle later to see if they've experienced their vandalism.

I must step up my game and really begin to get our plan in action. I've already been out to try and spread the word of what The Wiseman told me but no one is around. 

Foxy and Silver eyes really are getting braver, not only have they seemed to cottoned on to something going on but they are not taking any notice of the daddies presence either. Both of them took their time leaving when they were spotted earlier and even sat for about five minutes just staring at us all, this morning.

I must admit they are fine looking creatures apart from the fact that you can tell in their eyes that there is something different about these two, they are not just normal foxes. Right today I'm kicking myself up the bum ACTION.