Thursday, 6 September 2012

Searching For Clues

Well I've not seen hide nor hair of anyone today until about half an hour ago when one of the Naughty Twins came out.

I managed to get his attention and he came over cautiously to me. He seemed a little more confident once I'd indicated that there wasn't going to be any trouble and that I needed him to spread the word about the clean up operation and what I'd gleaned from The Wiseman.

He said that he also hadn't seen anyone all day but that he was certainly going to start spreading the message and also added that as I never went over the other side of the road that he would look for clues and report back if he found anything.

I like this co-operative air we've got going and despite them pushing their luck I'm growing very fond of the Naughty Twins. I think I shall leave some Dreamies treats out for them as a little reward.