Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Clean Up

Well the clean up has been a great success. I've no idea if the Wood Pigeons managed to get the squirrels to help us as I've not clapped eyes on them for days.

Stay daddy said he was talking to C about them and she has seen a little fat squirrel that jumped over Emma, I think he said. I wanna meet him.

One of the Naughty Twins popped around earlier and, without looking my way as I sat in the window, passed on the message that any potential fox scraps from the other side of the road had been eliminated. I've been fairly busy making sure that my patch is clean.

I did find that one of the foxes had broken the back wall again, this time the bricks been smashed to pieces on Sunday but absolutely nothing since. I've not even had the chance to persuade the daddies to drop tip bits which is good as I was a bit stumped as to how I could make that happen.

So far, so good. An eye out will still remain though.