Friday, 30 November 2012

Words Out. The Cats A-Come-A-Calling

Words out and the cats a-come-a -calling. I've been expecting this.

Mogsie is the first to come.

He's the ruler and his nod of approval can make this all so much easier. Everyone defers to his position and his word holds a lot of sway. It's not by all means a final indication of what's to happen but a nod from him would help. It's all expected, it's the ways of us cats. A system that works and is as ancient as when The First earned it.

He was sitting on the back shed where Sarah and the Naughty Twin were resting earlier. They must have spotted something and reported back. Blatant he was, not even pretending to baske in the sunlight.

He then walked across the back wall up to The Swinging Heart of Love and sat down. The fact that he was obviously looking directly in here and not paying homage was a bit of a give away.

He's gone now, I'll awake the verdict.