Thursday, 15 November 2012

Turning Over A New Leaf

Daddy has finally let me in the office. Thank goodness I was so bored outside.

I'd kept on calling out to him but he wouldn't let me in. I think I managed to send him on a bit of a guilt trip with all my crying out as when he opened the door he didn't leave the room just let me in.

He said I could sit in there with him as long as I was quiet as he needed to work and needed it to be quiet. I guess I had better turn over a new leaf if I am to spend more time in there with him and learn to just sit with him quietly.

Talking of new leaves the Little Lemon Tree has got a couple of really big one's sprouting. I couldn't help myself but tell him when I saw it.I know he's been tending it very carefully and would be pleased to see that it's growing stronger by the day and he let me get away with that one. I'd better keep silent now though or I'll be out on my ear again.