Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Obstacle Course

Well Lil's Day is continuing nicely.

I've spent the entire morning on daddies lap as he is working. I can usually get a bit of a sit and a cuddle but never this much. I had to get up when he popped to the bathroom but it gave me a chance to have a look around at what was going on. Good timing to.

I got up and sat on the table at the back and within just a couple of minutes I spotted activity from the lighter Naughty Twin who was showing Sarah the obstacle course that he has created.

He led and Sarah followed. I don't know all the course but from what I saw it consists of running over the road from Twizzles, around the back through AM's, over the fence into our garden, past Squirrel tree and the Peace Garden, along the wall, around a tree at the back and then over the shed back towards their home.

Looked like fun and from the dexterous way they ran around the tree I'd say they've been having some lessons from the Squirrels.