Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It's Moved Up A Level

Oh no daddies search for new kittens has moved up another level.

He's told me this afternoon that he's been contacting people. He's after a little grey one and a little black one, so they can grow up together like Smokie and Evie did.

Luckily so far so good, each time he's got in contact with someone at least one of the pair have gone. He says he's ideally like them to come from the same home so they don't feel lost or scared in the new environment when they come and live with us. What about me? What about how I will feel?

He's been reassuring me again that it won't affect our relationship. I'm just so used to things as they are. I guess I better swallow it down, I know it's going to happen. I must start looking on the bright side. I think I'll have a sit down and compile a list of bright things, IF I can come up with any.