Monday, 26 November 2012

Trying To Make Friends.

The lighter naughty Twin has been the only one out and about that I've seen all day.

I've been thinking about my relationships with some of the other cats in the road and I really should interact a little more. I don't mean to keep to myself but I am just really shy. So I decided this afternoon when he was sitting out the back to go and say hello at a time that there wasn't a crisis to force us to work together.

So I approached him as he was sitting on the shed, sitting on the wall nearby and said hello. He seemed a little cautious at first I guess I've not helped myself in the past having a go at any cat that comes too near but he didn't run off.

We have a little chat and after a few minutes he said he was going to play and would I like to join him. I thought about it and said not this time but thanks for the invite. With that he was off into one of the other gardens. I went onto the shed roof to see what he was up to, I've never been over that way before.

Small steps I know but I felt very pleased with myself.