Thursday, 15 November 2012

On The Positive Side

Right I've been thinking long and hard and here's my list of positive things about the new kittens joining us.

1. I will have some local company. Especially when it's cold and snowing outside and no one really ventures out and we are heading towards that time rapidly.

2. I'll be able to help the new little kittens learn things and I guess I can learn some things from them too. I always tried with Charlie but he was such an independent little thing that you could never really show him anything, he always knew best. I guess it's my mothering side coming out.

3. When I want to have a sleep or a rest and the daddies want to play it'll give them others to disturb and not me. Actually I am beginning to see that new kittens joining could be turned to my advantage.

4. No matter what little kittens are cute and they could provide me with a few laughs and goodness only knows I could do with a few more of those what with all the drama that's taken place this year.

5. If I teach them well I can send them out to get me information from the rest of catworld without me having to venture too far out. It'll be a great extension to the information network. Kittens are naturally curious and they'll probably ask questions that I couldn't even think of.

6. If the daddies get two new kittens they are much less likely to get an older cat like Tia and therefore I won't have anyone trying to challenge me for my position.

7. It'll also mean that if Disappears daddy is going to get a dog that there is a large cat presence in this house and he won't be able to overrule us. There's strength in numbers.

The more I think of this the more advantages to this little arrangement I am beginning to find. Actually I am now going to positively encourage the daddies to get a move on.