Monday, 19 November 2012


Stay daddy is finally downstairs and seems to have got the tidy up bug this afternoon.

He's been rattling around in cupboards out the back. No idea what he might be looking for but he's being rather ruthless throwing things willy nilly into a black sack making a right hullabaloo.

Nothing else much going on so I decided to join him and have a little peak at how Alo and Ha are doing.

Yep all seems fine there, no complaints so far. Not that I'd understand them if they did complain. Still it kept me amused for a couple of minutes watching them swim around opening and closing their mouths, chatting silently. I got some dreamies as a reward for being nice and welcoming to them so that's a bonus.

I heard Disappears daddy ask Stay last night if I'd tried to put my paw in there. Is he mad? I might drink water but there's no way I'd willingly put my hand in a great big bowl of it. Tut.