Monday, 19 November 2012

The First & The Squirrel

A month or more The First did run, followed by a silent one
The end was near, the path soon done, a tree lit up by golden sun
His journey hadn’t been much fun, his arms were tired and legs were numb
Then all at once a growing hum, a Squirrel jumped out. That task is done

The Squirrels coat a deep red tan The First was startled. Who are you man?
My name my friend is Mary-Anne, the leading member of our clan
And all along I’ve been your fan, ever since you first began
This time foretold by my great nan, my role laid out a bridge to span

A forest soon you’ll have to enter, I am here to be your mentor
Into the middle, into the center, we’ll have to go, we’ll have to venture
To meet the hag, the sly inventor, my role foretold to be the presenter
Remember friend to keep your temper, she'll try it on and be a tempter

My dear great nan told me of you, when I was little when I was new
All my life I always knew this time would come, The Tale Of Two
I’ve also met the Face of Blue, he warned the hags a wiley shrew
She’ll try to trick watch for the clue, it's time to enter, let us go through