Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Wonder Was This Years Theme Will Be?

I've been out sitting watching Stay daddy doing things in the front garden this afternoon. I enjoy watching him work and it does look so much nicer when he's hovered the grass and pulled up the weeds.

He's been getting it ready for Winter he says.

Disappears daddy did it out the back this weekend and now it's Stay's turn. He's put up a little box that swings from the side of the house. I've had a little inspection and I believe it's a little home for a very small birdie to live in.  I hope it's not going to be a windy Winter.

I don't often go out the front but I always feel safe when a daddy is with me or sitting in the window so I can run to them if I need to. That's when I spotted it. The spiky plant has gone red.

I know when this happens that Christmas is on it's way. Oh I like that time, the build up is the best. You never know what's going to happen. One year it was Traditional,  warm reds and greens, the next Ice Queen with everything white and chilly blue.  The daddies can be so impulsive, they could kick into action at any time.

I wonder what this years theme will be?