Sunday, 25 November 2012

Oh How They Laughed

Well the daddies came back in a very good mood.

I know what they had been up to and have resigned myself to the fact that we're having a dog come live with us. They've said that I'll be much bigger and stronger so that made me feel a little better. Let's face it if you can't change things you must accept them for as they are and make the best of it.

Anyway as I was saying they both came back in and fevered activity commenced. There they both were taping away on their computers checking things and making phone calls when all of a sudden they burst out laughing. That's when I got told the full story.

They'd been to view a puppy called a Shih Tzu. The Daddydaddy is going to be getting it for Disappears daddy and has put down a strict stipulation that it is to have something called a pedigree registration. 

So they went a little way away and said that they absolutely fell in love with one of them who could have come home with them later on in the week. Stay daddy told me that they asked to see the registration document and that they were shown something that to them smelled a bit off so they decided to come back and check things out.

Now there's one thing that I've come to understand and accept with the daddies, they work well on their own but together they are a formidable force. It's a rare person that can pull the wool over their eyes.

So a little bit of checking later and they discovered the certificate they were shown was for a German Shepherd. Oh how they laughed.