Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fighting With George

I've just had a fight with George. I'm not proud of myself but he was trying to come into the house and that to me is a step to far.

It's didn't actually resort to a complete catfight but I had to scream at him to keep away.

There I was just mooching around in the back garden. It is a pleasantly sunny morning here, I'd even said a good morning hello to a Naughty Twin and Sarah as they enjoyed the sun on the shed first thing and we all happily went about our business not disturbing each other.Everything very pleasant, no pushing boundaries.

George however had decided that he wanted to come  indoors and it surprised me when he came up behind me as I was eating some grass. I screamed at him to get away and chased him up the garden. The daddies heard and called out for me to stop fighting. I'm not that happy with them they didn't see what he was doing and I was only defending our land. I know they don't think it's very ladylike me fighting but sometimes a girl can be pushed just too far.