Saturday, 3 November 2012

Talking Of Dogs

Disappears daddy is going on about wanting a dog again. He's just grabbed Stay daddy jumping up and down chanting, I want a dog.

Stay daddy's retort, still jumping up and down. Well you'd better work on your mother then cause I'm not buying you one. Once all the jumping had stopped Stay daddy said that he wanted to psychoanalyse the reason why Disappears wants a dog so much. The answers;

1. He's always wanted one and when he was little they, I take it by they he's talking about the daddydaddy and daddymummy, said that he couldn't have one because there was no one to look after it when they went on holiday. But, he winged, We never did go on holiday

2. Someone to interact with more. Err I am in the room you know

3. To dress up. TO DRESS UP. Give me strength, I'm beginning to feel a little sorry for whoever joins us now.

Talking of Dogs as all this was going on I saw the Doberman walking down the road, still limping. His battle wound must be a permanent one, it's been a long time now that he's had that. I almost felt sorry until he turned around and looked at me. Proper gave me the shivers.