Friday, 30 November 2012

A Thermometer Up The Bum. Enough To Shock Anyone

Oh dear poor River she's ended up having a bit of a day of it.

The daddies took her for an injection they told me.  Shock number 1. I remember what these feel like so I can sympathise with her. Better that then getting ill though so all worth it in the end.

Shock number 2. While she was there daddy said she had a thermometer put up the bum. Enough to shock anyone. Daddy said she looked so surprised. Again much sympathy. Still she was all checked over and given a good report from the doctors. She is 2 pounds and 2 ounces apparently, whatever that is.

Shock number 3. They gave her a bath when they came back, in the bathroom sink. She really didn't like it she quivered for a minute when she came out and they were drying her. They also gave her fur a little trim around the eyes so she could see a bit easier. Urgh water and for a third time she has my thoughts.

I watched the bath escapade from a distance. I'm still not coming too close. I've got my own business to bother about. Still she's resting now in her jumper. Thank you dads for not inflicting dressing up on me. Now this one I can take some pleasure from.