Friday, 2 November 2012

The Continuing Tale - Look At Everything

The Cumbiare position sat waiting for the little cat
Up above him flew a bat, the bat called out, no sign of that
What I need’s the hag dear rat, come on now up off that mat
Tell her that we need to chat and ask her bring her magic hat

The hag she came a tiny frame, a dark grey mane, it was a shame
She was once a stunning dame but she had played the loving game
Her claim to fame was in her name but now she limped her left leg lame
She was the only one to blame, a poison arrow she did aim

The story of the hag is sad, her heart was broke then she turned bad
Of course her story involves a lad, a lad warned off her by her dad
The one she fell for was a cad, another lover he did add
His heart was fickle, his love a fad, the pain of grief it turned her mad

When she found out her nostrils flared, a poisoned arrow she prepared
She had thought he really cared, the news it stunned, she simply stared
After all the love they’d shared, her eyes welled up and then they glared  
Her heart turned cold, her rage it scared, she then took aim. Oh yes she dared

The arrow was a special one, its power strong, a web she spun
To turn his head from anyone, except her love he would now shun
The trouble was there was no-one to help her as her spell begun
 And when she finished and was done he wouldn’t look for other fun

She shot it out towards his heart, a poisoned chalice, a magic dart
Its path mapped out upon a chart or so she though when she did start
It hit him clear in his cold heart, it split in two and fell apart
And now she didn’t feel as smart, they took his body in a cart 

What do you want of me she asked? He replied, Now not so fast
I think that we can have a blast, the scope of this could be so vast
I have heard of all your past, a cure to you I could unmask
But first I ask, can you be arsed? To help me trick The First at last

A cure for me you say you’ll bring if you’ll provide then I am in
How can I help to get this thing to free my heart from its own sling?
Just simply help me in this sting, the First must look at everything   
And then the cure to you I’ll bring and as before your heart will sing