Friday, 9 November 2012

A Fox Fur Winter Coat

It's Friday, it's Friday so good they named it twice.

Yep it's Friday and Disappears daddy is singing his usual Friday song. There's no chance of me forgetting it's a Friday unless he isn't going out then it's sleep time. It's proving to be quite a handy calendar.

So far so normal. Stay struggled to get out the bath because he's tired. I managed to get my morning stroke despite his tardiness and then just as they were getting up to leave

Look, he shouts out, it's massive and he pointed out the back to the shed.

There Foxy Lectar stood staring at us, just for a second, before jumping off into one of the other gardens.

There's been some changes since we last saw him. For one he seems to have grown,  he looked a lot bigger than before. His coat was also darker and thicker. Daddy says he's got his Winter coat now which makes him look a lot bigger but he's also definately grown in size.

Yes he looks bigger and meaner and stronger than before I shall spread the news. Foxy Lectar is back and he's looking angrier than ever.