Wednesday 28 November 2012

Lil' Day Begins

Off Disappears daddy alarms goes, awake Stay daddy is. Now this is a surprise usually there's at least another 20 minutes after that happens before there's any movement there and even then it's usually stumbling into the walls type activity before he plonks himself in the bath to close his eyes for another 20 minutes. Not today there wasn't.

No, Disappears daddy got up and Stay daddy moved himself down the bed and cuddled into me. 20 minutes of pure early morning cuddle and stroking bliss there was before his alarm went of and he went into the bathroom.

Second surprise of the day, in and out in 10 minutes so he had extra time with me before he went off with Disappears.

Two breakfasts I've also had this morning. Before they went I had my usual crunchie things, today mixed in with Dreamies and Webbox. When Stay returned I got another sprinkling of Dreamies.

I'm now waiting by Stays chair as I can see he's preparing himself for work. I've got a feeling I'm going to be liking today. Roll on the next set of treats.